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Training course at ITC

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Resources to help you

I know what it's like. There are many best practice presentations on offer that you'd love to attend, or professional magazines filled with timely viewpoints you don't have time to read.

Since I deal with clients of all sizes and in a wide variety of genres, it's important that I too keep ahead of the game. I aim to keep refreshing my own professional development and, when I spot new thinking, trends or research that I think will benefit my clients generally, I'll post my take on them in my blog or add information in the pdfs below. If you have hugely exciting news that you'd like to share, send it to me and I'll pass on the highlights there too.

Alumni links

For the purposes of accessing some of the follow-up course material, previous course participants are my 'alumni'. Some of this material, especially the links and tips documents, are frequently updated, so keep checking back for the latest edition before you start your project.

· Definition
· Seven Stages to a Strategy
· Strategy Contents
· Sample SWOT Analysis
· Case Study
· Deciding on Tool

· Tips and Tricks - General
· Tips and Tricks Advertising
· Tips and Tricks Box Office
· Tips and Tricks Email
· Tips and Tricks Finance
· Tips and Tricks Mailing
· Tips and Tricks New Audiences
· Tips and Tricks Press
· Tips and Tricks Print
· Tips and Tricks Programme Development
· Tips and Tricks Website
· Tips and Tricks Word of Mouth

· Links General
· Links Access
· Links Applied Arts
· Links Business Development
· Links Film
· Links Finance
· Links Online and IT
· Links Performing Arts
· Links Photography
· Links Tourism
· Links Visual Arts and Museums
· Links Writing

Other resources I think are great