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'Crossings' by Julie McNamara

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Client references

I work hard to understand my clients' aims, beliefs and ways of working. And because I adapt my style to meet their needs at a particular moment in time, whether through skills transfer, flexible fees, or injections of aid to boost in-house skills, I am confident of creating sustainable relationships with them.

What they say

Clear, to the point, sensitive to us all … targeting her presentation to the specific audience … we are visual, creative people so the exercise was spot on.

Photo of jewellery by Amber Adorn

Merle Van Den Bosch
owner Amber Adorn
and course trainee at Craft Central

Thanks very much for all your work on our campaign and on getting the microsite up and running. It must have been a complex job working with so many partners so it's much appreciated. It's been really great working with you.

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Sarah Hirons
Marketing Manager BBC Symphony Orchestra
on joint orchestras marketing campaign while at Audiences London

I will use the audit and action plan techniques in relation to specific forthcoming campaigns.

Box Clever Theatre logo

Hannah Carter
Box Clever Theatre

Thank you, the copy is wonderful and you gave really useful comments too. Thank you for doing this at such a busy time.

Cockpit Arts photo of jewellery by Katherine Wardropper

Vanessa Swann, Chief Executive
Cockpit Arts

I’m very satisfied [with the two-day training module] on all counts and thank you once again.

Creative Industries Business Improvement Partnership

Edwina Simpson,
CIBIP Co-ordinator
Creative Industries Business Improvement Partnership

The course was well presented, clear, articulate and fulfilling. Rachel was a very good communicator, encouraging and supportive. It was very informative, interactive, clear and honest.

 Gravitas flier

Rebecca Price
Earthfall Dance

Quotes Rachel’s informed but objective perspective has enabled us to assess and develop communications across the organisation, in turn helping us to retain members through a period of change and uncertainty in the sector. The experience has equipped staff and the organisation as a whole with the tools to continue to communicate clearly, effectively and efficiently. Rachel provided critical and constructive feedback and challenged us when it was necessary (in the nicest possible way!). Above all Rachel has been flexible, highly personable and very supportive - easy and fun to work with. Quotes

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Laura Cherry, Publications, Website & Marketing Officer

I have worked with Rachel in different circumstances relating to education marketing over the past 6 years - always with great results! Rachel is 100% dependable, totally committed and creative in her approach. Rachel brings a wealth of experience to her consultancy and works flexibly in any work situation presented to her. She fits in quickly and sensitively with fellow colleagues, and has found realistic solutions often with limited time or resources. I would highly recommend her to other education or cultural organisations looking to extend their marketing reach.

cover of English Heritage Discovery Visits brochure

Tina Corri, Head of Education
English Heritage

We were able to explore ideas about marketing through 'different' business scenarios, which gave us objectivity and understanding.

Freshwater Theatre Company logo

Ellen Chambers, course trainee
Freshwater Theatre Company

The analysis stage of working on a communications plan will help me view the challenges ahead in a positive way. This will help me contribute to the Company's business and communications plan.

Gulbenkian Theatre logo

Emily Yates, course trainee
Gulbenkian Theatre

quotation mark The work that we did on your marketing course has proven to be extremely beneficial as I am now working closely to ensure that our participatory work links in with the marketing plan that has already been established for the artistic branch of the organisation.
So thank you! quotation mark

Half Moon Theatre image

Amy Jones, Projects Manager and course trainee
Half Moon Young People's Theatre

I certainly did take away lots of ideas and I am sure all my notes will come in handy when planning our next campaign!

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Lindsey Alvis, Administrator and course trainee
Headlong Theatre

open quotesRachel is really excellent, just the right balance of encouragement and honesty, and is really experienced. close quotes

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Esther Ferry-Kennington, Company Administrator and course trainee
Horse + Bamboo Theatre

open quotesOn the marketing front we’ve had some real successes. The last children’s piece and Red Riding Hood [have achieved] figures that make me very happy indeed! We have discussed carefully where the Angus show should tour to and built the show both physically and financially to fit those audience bases. close quotes

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Esther Ferry-Kennington, Producer
Horse + Bamboo Theatre

Rachel's role was invaluable in preparing materials for staff to use with high-profile supporters in the run-up to the global launch of our campaign. Working under pressures of time and distance, Rachel liaised with staff in a number of our international offices to source and gain approval material for documents she conceived, wrote and edited. Rachel brought a thoroughness and rigour to a new and complex publishing process. Her determination and passion for this project were also important factors in delivering an imaginative, successful range of materials that have been instrumental to our lobbying and fundraising activities at the beginning of our first global campaign.

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Joe Hall,
Communications Manager
International Save the Children Alliance

quotesJust a quick note to say thanks for the training last week, it was a real eye-opener, more valuable than I ever imagined it would be. I'll be referring back to my notes many times I imagine; I've already started! quotes

John Helm, photographer and course trainee


A big thank you for all your help on our Audiences London project. It was enormously helpful to have someone like you to pull it all together so brilliantly and to keep us all in check!

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Kath Trout, Marketing Director
London Philharmonic Orchestra
on joint orchestras marketing campaign while at Audiences London

I am [now] working on workshops throughout October, November and December; so an exciting and busy time for me!

image of Lovethemakeup

Leenita Gupte, owner

Many thanks for all your help this year.

National Portrait Gallery

Pim Baxter
Head of Communications
National Portrait Gallery

I found Rachel's level of professionalism and commitment to the work meant that we were able to get best value from the focus groups. The results were presented in such a way that the information is easy to refer to and use.

Reaching Out, Drawing In

Toni Parker, Project Co-ordinator,
Reaching Out, Drawing In
National Portrait Gallery

I am very satisfied on all counts. Rachel's clarity of thought and strong communications skills, alongside her great interest and knowledge in the arts, were an invaluable contribution to developing our marketing strategy. I would strongly recommend her as a consultant.

Phoenix Brighton logo

Belinda Greenhalgh, General Manager
Phoenix Brighton

The marketing plan worked.
I've now received a cheque from ACE!

Julie McNamara's logo

Julie McNamara, Director
Pig Tales

I learned new things, had others reinforced, and the day was very motivational.

Queen's Theatre logo

Sarah Lubbock, course trainee
Queen's Theatre

Genuinely great! I was challenged to re-think what I think I already know!

The Place logo

Ben Park, course trainee and Front of House and Box Office Manager
The Place

I felt relaxed enough to offer my thoughts, even though I might not always have been right. Although I've been working in marketing for some time, I now feel that I understand more fully the importance of researching and analysing who our customers are and what drives them.

Richmond Theatre logo

Michaela Dewhirst
course trainee
Richmond Theatre

A really instructive course that helped me focus on key matters. It was imaginative and educational as well as full of common sense and logic. The most valuable thing was learning how to break marketing down into manageable stages and that planning is key.

Richmond Theatre logo

Brenda Broadhirst
course trainee
Richmond Theatre

It was most valuable to find ways of analysing our audiences and how they are accessing our projects and performances.

South Bedfordshire District Council logo

Emma Van Nieuwenbugh, course trainee
South Bedfordshire District Council

Rachel enabled us to see very quickly - in a day - ways to improve and develop our marketing activity. I wish we'd done it a year ago!

Spread the Word photo of hand writing

Emma Hewett, Director
Spread the Word

Rachel's consistently high standards of professionalism allowed her to be effective across a very wide range of responsibilities and her dedication to Tate's needs meant she maximised the return to the organisation from the limited resources available to education. Her calm and logical approach to challenges won the support and trust of a great number of colleagues despite often conflicting priorities. [We are] pleased that, through Rachel's marketing consultancy activity, [we] will continue to benefit from her expertise and energy.

Cover of Tate Teachers brochure

Nadine Thompson
Head of Press and Marketing

We met with Rachel to produce a bespoke training day for our clients, a group of photographers setting up their own businesses. Rachel spent some time with us before the day to really understand our delegates, and was therefore able to design an agenda that was perfect for their level of understanding. The training day itself was a fantastic success with great feedback from our delegates, who have since gone on the really grasp the principles of marketing.

Trained Eye logo

Mike Garrard
The Trained Eye

It is now clear how marketing is an integral part of running an arts organisation well.

Trestle logo

Chloe-Jane Dyson
as a course trainee

Just wanted to and say how helpful the marketing workshops were. I've now done all the things on my list (or they are in progress). In particular, we now have Velvet on myspace, we will have a survey in our issue out next week, and the diversity group of CILIP (chartered librarians) are going to mention us in their newsletter and website. I'll let you know how we get on!

Velvet magazine cover

Naomi Young
Editor and course trainee through CIBIP

Thanks for your help and for making something I don't enjoy much more enjoyable. You understood my needs well and explained something totally new to me in a clear and understandable way. I am very satisfied on all counts.

Photo of girl on steps by Marysa Dowling

Marysa Dowling
Creative London North client
White Rabbit