Rachel Escott, Creative Sector Communications
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photo of Rachel Escott by Steve Rutherford

Arts and cultural organisations and individual practitioners all need to communicate their offer in the most convincing and appropriate way. Whether that’s by choosing the right channel, using the right language or making sure your offer fits expectations, you need to have confidence in your actions and your choice of support. And you need value for money and flexibility.

I base my advice for clients on what has been shown to work, and on my many years’ experience in the sector. Evidence-based research and advice is at the heart of Audiences London Plus, the audience development agency of which I am an associate.

And as a freelance arts communication, marketing and audience development consultant, I draw on the evidence to bring imaginative, responsive - and realistically actionable – solutions to my wide range of clients across the UK, from galleries, museums, theatre companies, orchestras and artists studios, to individual artists, designers and photographers.

Add in outstanding skills training, in-house experience, journalism and a creative writing career, and you have a full suite of expertise at your fingertips.

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