Photo of training course at Independent Theatre Council by Yves Salmon
Training course at ITC

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Way of working

Approach to marketing projects

I gained much of my experience working on the 'client side' within organisations. So in the arts, education, local authority or voluntary sectors, small-scale commercial and tourism enterprises, I am well aware that every penny - and every person - has to count. But as an outsider I can also question accepted objectives and practices.

My first aim, therefore, is get to the identity of the target audience and the core message, then to work to find solutions to each communications challenge that capitalize on your in-house systems and the resources available. I encourage ambition and high ideals in your strategy, while remaining realistic in the pacing of your implementation.

Drawing on my experience of organisations and their structures, I aim to identify the most efficient methods of carrying projects forward and, where required, to transfer skills to permanent staff.

A typical scenario

Typically, I will first interview key project leaders and stakeholders to draw out the nature of the proposition - both the product and the audience.

I follow this with an investigation of the resources available for the project, including an understanding of in-house facilities and processes such as those for design, production and customer relationships.

I then propose communications solutions, strategies, tactics or tools that work with your aims and objectives and within your resources.


Once these proposals are accepted, there are various options for implementation:

  • Full implementation by the consultant
  • The consultant to oversee implementation by an in-house team
  • In the case of on-going solutions, the consultant may fully implement the first iteration of the proposal and draw up guidelines for further roll-out to be undertaken in-house.

I always works with you and your organisation to produce the best results in the most resource-efficient way. One option to help you focus on the way ahead is to attend one of my communications workshops, now run through a variety of training providers.