Photo of Lampshades by Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts 'Lampshades'


How I work

When I work for a client I view it as a partnership and put the best interests of the client to the fore. So I always try to work with them for their long-term benefit and my long-term relationship with them rather than for just the short term of the engagement. The way I approach the relationship contributes to this:

  • Flexible fee and billing structures by charging only for the minutes spent on each client's case and billing at agreed intervals, my clients can be sure they get what they pay for.
  • Skills transfer approach for long term, sustainable benefits where possible I work alongside owners or existing staff to ensure that my experience (and any information gained during the course of a project) rub off on the client. Such 'skills transfer' gives clients extra value for money.
  • Timely support to maximize in-house skills and capacity I am happy to work on an ad-hoc basis with clients once I have got to know and understand them, spending a half hour proof-reading a press release here, a couple of hours working through an important Board presentation there or a few days overseeing a distribution schedule. Again, I charge for the time spent, so clients come to view me as a cost-effective extra pair of hands as well as a fresh pair of eyes and an external viewpoint.
  • Available to work with other consultants I am happy to be engaged to work alongside other consultants or freelancers in related or overlapping fields. If you are a consultant or freelancer looking for co-workers for project bids, please do get in touch.
  • Access to the insights of a freelance journalist I work on a part time basis as a freelance arts and travel journalist, so I can advise clients in their press campaigns from the perspective of 'the other side'.
  • Access to the insights of a creative practitioner in my own right as a fiction writer and journalist, and a collaborator on creative photographic projects, I can see the world from the viewpoint of the artist, as well as the communications advisor. This fact is particularly appreciated by the actors, dancers, jewellers, painters and crafts people I have worked with, who may at first view 'marketing' as an alien concept.

For more information on my approach to projects and the benefits of working with a consultant, see Why use a consultant? and Way of working.

You can see my CV, including employment experience, or read about previous projects in more detail.