Photo of flower meadow in the Queyras by David Steel
The Queyras

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What I believe

Parent company PM&M Consulting Solutions Limited aims to take responsibility for its impact in both environmental and social terms. Although a small company working mainly through and with the practices of our clients, we wish to act in ways that minimise the negative and enhance the positive outcomes of our activities. What's more, we hope to inspire others to do the same.

We therefore have equal opportunities, environmental and social policies to guide our practice and we give a proportion of the company's business earnings to support a range of charities, mainly as regular donations that help charities plan their work effectively.

Equality of opportunity

As an employee-owned company that chooses to remain small, we do not require an equal opportunities or diversity recruitment policy. However, our understanding of equal opportunity issues and diversity drives is strengthened by involvement with Fast Track; and by the many ground-breaking examples of our clients. Read the full policy here.

Environmental issues

Whether it is responsibly-sourced office supplies or a commitment to saving energy and recycling or our transport choices, we use and promote greener footprint choices and those organisations that help us achieve them. Read the full policy here.

Social responsibility

We try to enhance the quality of the work and lives of both our clients and our employees. But we take a wide definition of what enhances our lives, and in recognition of the inter-connectedness of many of the issues and challenges facing our world today, we have decided to devote a portion of our earnings to issues of significant concern to us. From clean water supplies to health and education in the difficult areas of the world, environmental charities and those that support homeless people, the elderly or children, you can link to our charities and consider supporting them yourselves here.

Sustainable relationships too

Not just a sustainable life on planet earth, but sustainable relationships too. I work hard to understand my clients' aims, beliefs and ways of working. And because I adapt my style to meet their needs at a particular moment in time, whether through skills transfer, flexible fees, or injections of aid to boost in-house skills, I am confident of creating sustainable relationships with them.